Hið íslenska Biblíufélag (e. Icelandic Bible Society) was founded on July 10, 1815. It is the oldest organisation in Iceland. Its purpose is to publish, distribute, and encourage reading of the Bible. Membership to the Bible Society is open to all, and members come from various churches and denominations in Iceland.

Icelandic Bible Society is an active member of United Bible Societies, UBS. It does fundraisers for translation projects and/or distribution projects for specific foreign countries few times a year.

Churches in Iceland celebrate The Bible Sunday once a year (usually in February).

To contact the Icelandic Bible Society, please use email: hib@biblian.is.

Icelandic Bible Translation 2007

The most current Bible Translation in Icelandic was finished in 2007. It was the 11. publication of the Bible in Icelandic. The Biblical text was translated from its original languages for the publication.

The first translation in Icelandic (Norrænu / e. Old Norse) was published in 1584.


You can donate to to the mission of Icelandic Bible Society by going to https://biblian.is/product/donation-hib/.